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Folding Camping Chairs

Folding camping chairs are the perfect companion for any Overlanding trip and other outdoor excursions. Without a doubt, sitting on the cold, hard ground can get old quickly. Having the right camping chair can mean the difference between a lousy miserable trip and a relaxed, comfortable experience.

When transporting Overland gear such as tents and sleeping bags to and from the campsite we all know that less is more. With the modern advancements in lightweight materials, however, bringing along portable folding camp furniture is now easier than ever.

There are many different types of camping chairs available for you to choose from. Some of the more popular models include camp stools, which have no back or armrests, deck chairs, which are usually very heavy, and the camp seat or stadium seat. Many of the available models feature side tables and side pockets which are great for holding drinks, maps or cell phones. Many come with their own carrying bag for easy transportation and storage.

Size is an important factor when considering which model to buy. We are all different when it comes to size and weight. When shopping online it’s important to check the dimensions to get a better idea of what will give you the best fit.

Durability should be another consideration when looking for folding camping chairs. Most heavy-duty designs are made from rugged 600-denier oxford polyester fabric and can usually hold up to 300 pounds. The frames are made up of lightweight steel or aluminum tubing and are powder coated to help prevent rust. How much you pay for a camping chair depends on which style or brand you decide to go with. Prices vary a great deal.

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