Coleman Small Camping Table – Compact Roll Top Aluminum Table

$84.90 $69.99

Length (IN)27.6 Inch
Width (IN)27.6 Inch
Height (IN)27.6 Inch
MaterialSteel Frame, Aluminum Top
  • Foldable, Portable, Lightweight And Compact Table Package That Fits Any Car Trunk Of Storage Room In Home
  • Easy Assembly, Accordion Style Snap-Together Frame And Top
  • Aluminum Slat Top Able To Withstand Damage From Hot Pots And Pans
  • Sturdy Design, Steel Frame And Aluminium Top To Withstand Outdoor Elements
  • Weight Load Capacity Up To 45 Kilogram
  • Limited 90 Day Warranty

WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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Play cards or enjoy a meal at the campsite on the Coleman Compact Roll-Top Aluminum Table. This ultra-portable table also works well as a hydration station at a kids’ ball game.



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11 reviews for Coleman Small Camping Table – Compact Roll Top Aluminum Table

  1. Xtree

    Anyone not able to figure out how to set up this amazing table must be a few fries short of a happy meal, lol.This would be a side great table on the patio or by the grill since the sturdy aluminum won’t stain or burn. The added plus is that it’s extremely portable. Will be great to throw in the car for camping. Yes, you cannot use it as a dinner table with a regular kitchen chair, but for lower sitting camping chairs it is perfect. I can’t believe how sturdy and well made it is. Looks like something that will last for years & years.

  2. Dave

    I bought this table not for picnicking but as a table to wash our dog in the shower. It fits perfectly in our shower and allows me to wash the dog without bending over and killing my back. The table is light, goes together and apart very quickly, stores neatly in the bag and it seems more than adequate to support a 30 pound pooch. The table top is a series of aluminum slats supported on 2 tubes that hook over the legs. The slats then connect to the end of the tubes. The slats are connected to each other by 2 elastic cords and when stretched over the tubes have about an 1/8″ gap between them. For me, this allows the water to flow through and being aluminum they won’t corrode.Overall it is a very nice little table and I see how it would be great camping or picnicking.

  3. Matt

    I’ll start off with a disclaimer that this isn’t a backpacking item, strictly reserved for car camping due to the size and weight. That being said, for the cost of this table, I couldn’t be more happy with it. It rolls up to be very compact and provides a sturdy and heat resistant surface to use when camping in the wilderness. It is as simple to set up as 1) stretch out the legs to make 4 corners 2) attach the two cross bars at the tops of the four legs 3) roll out aluminum slats across the cross bars and insert the ends of the cross bars into the first and last slats.I will say that when the slats are all accordioned together for storage, trying to hold them without having them flop out of place can be challenging. It would be nice if they included a velcro strap to hold the slats together for transport. But, once inside the included carry bag, it no longer becomes a big deal.

  4. marthamead

    I had 2 reasons to purchase: I work doing wine tastings, so I need a portable, easy to carry, lightweight table that’s strong enough to place bottles of wine & spirits on it. I had a slightly smaller one, but I moved house & somehow it got lost in the shuffle, so I purchased this one, which is slightly larger. I am quite pleased with it. I bought a second one because I keep this one in my car for my events & got another to use in my tiny apartment. At only 450 sq feet, there isn’t much room for all but the essentials. I have a tiny 4 person table my grandfather made, but if I want to entertain at home, I needed another spot for putting food out, so I use the other table in my apartment to comfortably seat 4-6 people for a meal & keep it folded up in the bag when I’m not having people over & it can hang on the back of a doorway. Every square inch counts! Obviously I was pleased with this table because I ordered the 2nd one.

  5. C. R. Maroon

    This is absolutely the sturdiest and awesome camping table ever!! It is the perfect height, weight, and set up you could possibly ask for. Family of 4 could easily eat off for camping.

  6. jeepnyakin

    Perfect for camping. Lightweight but sturdy, easy to assemble. Collapses and stores in the included storage bag. I use it for my small Weber Charcoal Grill.

  7. David M.

    I love this table! It’s a cinch to put together… other portable tables I’ve owned require stretching the slats to the extreme to screw in four legs… this one instead has two cross beams that connect to an accordion folding -style of legs that afford a lot more structural stability and a much easier setup… just click two support beams under the slats of the tabletop and plug those two beams into the four part connected legs.It’s not as light as I expected for aluminum… but that’s because of the thicker panels-a bonus. It could have been designed thinner to take cost out, but instead it’s designed for a structural strength to actually hold what you need solidly. I’ll happily take the weight trade off.Because of the design the slats themselves can shift around slightly within the frame (you can wiggle them). This isn’t an issue—they’re all on elastic strings, and designed to do so—but it’s different than the other design I mentioned. Net I prefer this design.It has an oversized carry bag as well.

  8. Avid Jeeper

    I have the wooden top version of this. It got too close to the fire and melted on of the hinges so I was looking for another one and found this. I’ve had this version of the table for a couple of camping trips now, and I’ve used it. Although different, it is just as sturdy as the former version and the metal versus wood top doesn’t stain and wipes clean easily. This one is also much lighter than the previous version.Since it is much lighter than my old table, I decided to test the strength of it. I pulled the table out of the trailer and set it up on a level surface. (aka: Garage) I placed 4 – 25 pound plates on the table, one at a time to each corner, observing for bow in the legs and stress to the joints after each application. I observed no bow to the legs at any time. The joints held nicely and did not crack under pressure. After the fourth plate was placed, I pushed the table slightly from side to side. The table remained upright and in tact, and did not seem to want to collapse. This seems to be due to the fact that when set up properly, the legs are not 100% vertical, but point outward slightly adding stability.This test was extreme, especially since we use it to play cards on, and as a table for food when preparing meals on the trailers external bbq or on the fire. However, now I can definitely guarantee that it will safely hold 100 lbs evenly distributed. I’ll feel safe if I have my water jug on it or even my kids extensive rock collection that inevitably happens while camping, and am without fear of it collapsing and causing severe injury to anyone.

  9. Melissa Torres

    Light weight. EASY assembly. Comes with a nice bag and isn’t hard to put away. Everything fits in the bag with no problems.

  10. GramFall4

    Standard size for a ” Diner en Blanc” event. Sets up quickly, stores in a small space, easy to haul to events. Much easier than a standard folding table!If only someone could come up with chairs that are as convenient and match the table….

  11. Roxann C. (verified owner)

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    This is a replacement for the same Coleman table that was purchased 15 years ago. This fits our needs: light, portable and sturdy – excellent for eating on or playing games on while camping. I’m glad that I was able to find this table again.

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