Camco Roll-Up Aluminum Small Camping Table

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Lightweight functional design makes this table portable, easy to set-up and break down with storage bag included. Hollow, aluminum slat top attaches easily to cross support bars and segmented legs. Seats 4 To 6 people. No tools required. The roll-top feature makes the table and bag compact for easy storage.
  • Lightweight Functional Design Makes Table Portable
  • Easy To Set-Up And Break Down
  • Hollow, Aluminum Slat Top Attaches Easily To Cross Support Bars And Segmented Legs
  • No Tools Required
  • Roll-Top Feature Makes The Table And Bag Compact For Easy Storage
  • Limited 90 Day Warranty
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Portable and functional, lightweight and durable, The aluminum roll-up table is the perfect addition to any campsite, tailgate or Picnic. It is constructed of hollow aluminum, making it lightweight and easy to carry. The table compacts into five separate pieces: a roll-up top, (3) Cross bar supports and folding legs. The parts All fit into the included storage bag, which measures 45-inches long, making it small enough to fit under your RV, in your trunk or in the back of your car. Once assembled, the table is 43. 5-Inches (L) x 27-inches (W) and Stands 28-inches tall, comfortably seating 4-6 people.

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9 reviews for Camco Roll-Up Aluminum Small Camping Table

  1. Monica Brooks

    My table did not come with instructions so when I unfolded the legs, it seemed real wobbly and the pegs were mounted underneath rather than on top. My husband started laughing at me and told me to rotate the legs completely the other way. Doh! The table wasn’t wobbly anymore and the pegs were on top where they belonged. LOL!!! Now for the review. Larger than I thought, so this is a plus for us. Very easy to assemble when you get it right. Sturdy and solid build. Easy to take down and everything fits nicely in the bag.

  2. Kristina Patsel

    After I figured out that the legs needed to be flipped all the way over (otherwise the screws are on the wrong side) assemble is and will be a breeze. Small compact lightweight for storage, very sturdy for what we are using it for. Please remember it is not a picnic table. Aluminum is strong, east to store, easy to set up. Will probably get at least one more. Perfect for storing in the camper!

  3. Curly Sue

    Bought the roll-up table so we didn’t have to hull around the big plastic table. This one fits perfectly in our little cubby in the RV. The carry bag is an extra bonus. It’s big enough for a grill as well as having space to put other picnic items out. It’s aluminum and very light weight. First one we ordered had dents in the table top, but they promptly sent us a complete new table. To keep the table top from getting scratched, we roll ours in an old table cloth for protection from the table legs. You would have to, I just like to keep things nice.

  4. Maureen Mcdonald

    I am a vendor at a local outdoor market. I have to tote in two chairs, my table , a small rug, a backpack with some heavy supplies and my purse. This table is lightweight but extremely sturdy and gives me plenty of room to place all of my important objects, and provides plenty of room underneath to stretch my legs and for my clients to sit comfortably. This is an outdoor market and besides people , there are all sizes and types of animal companions. Yesterday a good sized pot bellied pig fit underneath the table with room to spare. Love this table !

  5. Angelo D. Landrum

    This table is extremely easy to set-up and works well. Despite a few of the negative reviews, I took the chance and purchased it. I had no problems with assembly/disassembly, and the product is sturdy enough to use as a cook/wash station. It holds my dual burner stove and a 56 lb. potable water container with no problem. I like the fact that everything fits in one bag, instead of trying to pack a bulky folding table. For the price, I made the right choice!

  6. Aaron Cross

    It is an amazing folding table. Will work great for my travel trailer that has a 49″ storage box for folding chairs and this table. Was concerned about some of the negative reviews – not sure if they didn’t understand how to fold the legs back over or the product was incorrectly assembled. Seems to me like it is more likely that they stopped unfolding the legs too soon. That would create the issues they complained about – mounts on bottom and wobbly table, upside down, etc. To easily make the more stable from side to side, make sure the legs are pulled in toward each other and to assure they stay this way, attach a bungee cord between both sets of legs where the fold in the middle (drill a small hole in where legs cross when unfolded – use a wire tipped bungee cord so that holes can be small in size).If you want a light, portable table for camping that has a big table surface, this is it. It is surely not as stable as an oak kitchen table but that is more than one can expect.Add a vinyl table cloth with plastic lace and you will feel like you are eating at a fancy restaurant outside! Enjoy!

  7. Flying Tiger

    …as others have said, if you don’t assemble it correctly (like I didn’t do), it will be extremely wobbly and the “rivets” will be facing down.I then watched the video and saw that you have to turn the legs up and over. Lo and behold, the rivets face upwards and the legs are stable. I was going to return it, if I could, then saw the video. It’s a really good table!

  8. Amy Cuzo

    We really like this table. Very lightweight and compact when folded and stored in the supplied bag. We made a couple of improvements: (1) The grey plastic end pieces pressed into the slats of the table top tend to fall out. We removed them all and reinstalled with a little clear silicone caulk so that they are glued in place. Problem solved. (2) As others have mentioned, the table is a bit wobbly in the longitudinal direction. We have attached some pictures showing how we attach bungy cords to address this issue. The ends of the cords wrap around the “X” in the legs and attach to the center cross brace. No drilling required. The upper ends of the bungy cord fit nicely between the slats of the table top, so the flatness of the table top is not compromised. Again, problem solved.

  9. Chris C

    This is a super stable table. We left it out in pouring rain and overnight with no issues. It will easily hold our two-burner Coleman stove. If you find it’s wobbly, it’s possible you didn’t set it up correctly. There are six “buttons” on the table top support that fit into keyhole notches in the three tubes. If those “buttons” are facing the ground… you didn’t fully assemble the table. You need to turn the legs over 180 degrees so that they lock into place. See Camco’s YouTube video for instructions. Pay careful attention to the ~25 second mark to see how the legs fold out, then fold another 180 degrees:

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