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A Guide to Overland Tires

For Overlanding, we need our tires to perform flawlessly on and off the road. We need tires that have the ability to get us through mud and sand but we also want a smooth ride when we’re on the highway. The difficulty is finding tires that check all the boxes. Tire manufacturers realize this, and so they offer three […]

Guide to Overland Vehicles

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Overland Vehicles

Selecting the best vehicle for Overlanding can be a confusing process. We’re here to help you understand what qualities make a vehicle better for Overlanding as opposed to one that would not. Read below for the features to look for in an overland vehicle and at the end we list 41 potential candidates for your […]

Preventing Overland Vehicle Theft

Your Overland vehicle is one of your most valued possessions – and a tempting target for thieves. Overlanded looks at how to stop the jerks from ruining your day. Having your Overland vehicle stolen, or broken into can be quite traumatic and expensive. And even though you can never eliminate the risk, you can reduce […]

4WD Suspensions

Your vehicle’s suspension is the all-important link between its wheels and tires and the load-bearing platform, ie: the chassis or uni-body. Its function is not only to provide a smooth ride for the vehicle’s load (including the occupants) but to maintain maximum contact between the off-road tires and the road surface. It does this by […]

Hi-Lift Jacks

Hi-Lift jacks have been around for a long time. To a lot of people they are still known as ‘wallaby jacks’, but to the majority of 4WD owners who use them, they are known better as Hi-Lift, or recovery jacks. The main principle behind this recovery tool is to lift the vehicle up and out […]

Overland Camping Breakfast

Overland Camping Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast when Overlanding should be simple. You also want to create your meals with ingredients that won’t spoil easily. Doing research for this article we found several ideas and recipes that are just way too complex for a typical morning at the campsite. Vegan Coconut French Toast? Not for us. Let’s eat and get going. […]

The Difference Between Overlanding and Off-Roading

The Overlander and the Off-Roader are similar, and a lot of people consider them to be the same, but there are definitely differences between the two and we’re here to help clear up the confusion. Purpose of Off-Roading An Off-Roader uses their highly modified vehicle for the purpose of recreationally traversing primitive terrain for a […]

hiking sticks

Compact Hiking Sticks – Make Your Hike More Enjoyable

Compact hiking sticks are something that every hiker should have when traveling long distances over rough terrain. While using a tree branch will certainly get the job done, it might be a good idea to invest a bit of money and buy a synthetic pole. You will be glad you did. The main reason you’ll […]

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